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Commonly asked questions:


Question: What email do I have to send from in MailChimp to get the emails to sync in ProsperWorks? 

Answer: As long as you send the emails from MailChimp using a registered ProsperWorks email address, the emails will sync into ProsperWorks. Also note that MailChimp uses double opt-in:


Question: How do I add ProsperWorks records to a MailChimp segment? 
Answer: We do not have this feature yet. You will have to export your leads (settings -> export data -> export leads), get rid of the columns except for email address, and import it manually into MailChimp:


Question: How do I import custom fields from ProsperWorks into MailChimp?
Answer: You will have to add fields in MailChimp and then import your list into MailChimp separately:
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Question: What are MailChimp alternatives?

Answer: Please check out this article. You can also use YAMM:



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    Was able to set up and integrate along with the video. Easy to understand.

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