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ProsperWorks Email Open Tracking

ProsperWorks Email Open Tracking feature helps you sell more, faster. ProsperWorks Email Open Tracking technology notifies you when an email you’ve sent has been opened. Knowing when your prospects opened your message will allow you to time your follow-up appropriately and close the deal!

Important: This feature is only available for ProsperWorks Professional Plan and ProsperWork Business Plans.

Basic Plan: You must upgrade to enjoy this feature.


How Does ProsperWorks Email Open Tracking Work?

ProsperWorks tracks emails by embedding an invisible tracking pixel inside your tracked emails. Whenever your recipient opens your messages with their images enabled, ProsperWorks will notify you!

1 - Navigate to your Gmail inbox

2 - Make sure you are signed into the ProsperWorks Chrome Extension for Gmail

3 - Click on Compose to create a new email, or click Reply to reply to an email.

4 - Before sending the email, check the ProsperWorks Email Open Tracking Checkbox to enable email tracking for that email.

5 - Click Send


How Will I Know if a Tracked Email Has Been Opened?

When your recipient opens the tracked email, ProsperWorks will notify you that the email has been opened. (Please note: If your recipient opens the email without allowing images to load, we won't be able to notify you that the email has been opened.)

You can view all your tracked emails both through the ProsperWorks Chrome Extension for Gmail, in the “My Tracked Emails” tab, and through the ProsperWorks web app, in the "My Tracked Emails" section. For tracked emails sent to existing People/Leads in your ProsperWorks account, their activity feeds will show when tracked emails have been opened. In both the "My Tracked Emails" section and the activity feeds, you can hover over the tracked email icon (  ) to view more information.


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