How do I use email tracking in ProsperWorks?

This feature is only available for ProsperWorks Professional Plan and ProsperWorks Business Plans.

ProsperWorks tracks emails by embedding an invisible tracking pixel inside your tracked emails.


Whenever your recipient opens your messages with their images enabled, ProsperWorks will notify you. This means that if your users have "images" turned off in gmail or did not expand images, email tracking will not work.


How to turn email tracking on for all ProsperWorks emails


1 - Log into Prosperworks -> Go to Settings -> Email Settings -> Check the box that says, "In the Gmail compose window, automatically check the box to track when emails are opened"


2 - Navigate to your Gmail inbox


3 - Make sure you are signed into the ProsperWorks Chrome Extension for Gmail


4 - Make sure you do not have AdBlock enabled in your Gmail. If you or the person you are sending to has AdBlock enabled it will not work. Also, if you send emails from your mobile device or from a non-registered ProsperWorks email, emails will not track.


5 - In your Gmail, Compose a test email and, and confirm that the ProsperWorks box in the email is automatically checked for email tracking (the blue box is checked at the bottom).


6 - Send the tracked email to a dummy gmail


7 - Log into your dummy gmail account and open the email


8- Log into ProsperWorks and go to "My Tracked Emails" and confirm it has been tracked



What do the colors mean?



Email tracking was turned on, the number will continue to increment every time it is viewed. You have muted the notification because you do not want to see pop ups anymore. How does one mute notifications? The pop up notification that shows an email has been read has an option to mute the notification.


Click "Mute Notifications" to end the pop up for that email

When you mute the notifications, your emails will show gray dots next to them.



Email tracking is turned on and the message has been read or opened



Email tracking is turned on and the message is unread or unopened



Who can see the status of the email tracker you sent?


Only the user who used the email tracker can see the tracker status. Administrators will not be able to see the tracker status of any other users other than their own.


What does it mean when it says "You (or someone nearby)" opened the email?

This means it could have been opened by the following:

  • a coworker on their computer or their phone
  • a contact on their phone
  • a contact using a non Gmail email address
  • yourself on a different computer or on your phone


How do I turn off email tracking notifications?


0. This is what the notification looks like when someone opens your emails:


1. Go to chrome://extensions and click "Options"

2. Click "Turn Off Email Tracking Notifications"


Is email tracking not working?

View this trouble-shooting guide














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