I'm getting Duplicate People, Company, or Leads

People are uniquely identified with their Email Address.

Companies are uniquely identified with their Email Domain.

Leads do not have a unique identifier and will create duplicates.


If a Lead gets converted but does not have a email address or have a non-matching email address, it will create a duplicate contact in People.

If you import another People or Company record and the new record has a matching email address it will completely ignore the record.


Merge Duplicate records by selecting the box on the left and the hit the merge icon .

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    like this setup

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    Garrett Lauringson

    Is there any reason why Leads don't have functionality built into Prospect to check for duplicates? This would really help.

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    James Rhee

    100% agreed with Garrett; it all starts with Leads a lot of times, having a functionality to check/remove/merge duplicates in Leads would be invaluable.

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    Lilian Ting GSA

    It would be extremely helpful if prosperworks checked all fields to see if the importing data contained additional information as opposed to completely ignoring the imported contact if it has the same email or website.

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    If you want to check for duplicates, I recommend using update on import instead of our regular import feature:

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