I'm getting Duplicate People, Company, or Leads

People are uniquely identified with their Email Address.

Companies are uniquely identified with their Email Domain.

Leads do not have a unique identifier and will create duplicates.


If a Lead gets converted but does not have a email address or have a non-matching email address, it will create a duplicate contact in People.

If you import another People or Company record and the new record has a matching email address it will completely ignore the record.


Merge Duplicate records by selecting the box on the left and the hit the merge icon .

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    like this setup

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    Garrett Lauringson

    Is there any reason why Leads don't have functionality built into Prospect to check for duplicates? This would really help.

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    James Rhee

    100% agreed with Garrett; it all starts with Leads a lot of times, having a functionality to check/remove/merge duplicates in Leads would be invaluable.

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