ProsperWorks Alias Functionality

How Google Sync Works

ProsperWorks integrates with a user’s Google account via the email address the user signed up with.  This email should always be the user’s primary address which can be viewed underneath System Settings > Company Users.  Google Sync works by either creating a Google Authentication token the first time a user signs into ProsperWorks  with Google or by installing ProsperWorks from the Apps Marketplace.


Google Sync is not supported for non-Google email accounts like Outlook or Yahoo or when an alias is used as the login ID for ProsperWorks.  If you sign up for a ProsperWorks account with an alias you will NOT be able to:

  1. Login with Google Account
  2. Enable Google Sync for email, contacts, tasks, calendar events, etc.


What is an alias?

An alias is an alternate address that points to a user's existing Gmail account. Mail sent to the user's primary address (the one you created for their Google Apps account) and any email aliases you add, all appear in the user's same Gmail inbox.


Email Alias                       Domain Alias


How Does ProsperWorks Sync Emails to or From an Alias

Any email that is sent to or from a ProsperWorks user’s inbox will sync into ProsperWorks as long as a recipient or copied contact’s email is saved in the email field of a Lead or People record in ProsperWorks.  This means that emails sent to or from an alias can sync into ProsperWorks as long as they are routed through ProsperWorks user’s email under Company Users.



Using the above example of as a Primary address and as an Alias you would want to take the following steps to sync emails to and from in your ProsperWorks account.

  1. Follow these steps to receive emails from on
  2. Follow these steps to send emails from via
  3. Add to your ProsperWorks account as a Company User
  4. Sign into Gmail with
  5. Now any emails you send from or are sent to will go through your inbox and be syned to ProsperWorks
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