ProsperWorks CRM Custom Report Builder

We know how important good reporting is to our customers, but also how many different options and ways that customers want to slice and dice their data. For that reason, ProsperWorks enables users to easily access their data in ProsperWorks in Google Sheets via the sheets add-on - ProsperWorks CRM Custom Report Builder.  This Add-on was built specifically to allow for advanced customized reporting of your ProsperWorks data using the power of Google Sheets.


Start by getting your data into Google Sheets


Within a Google Sheet, Go to Add-ons > Get add-ons > search “ProsperWorks CRM Custom Report Builder” > click “+ Free” > then click Allow on the Google permissions page.  You can also install the Add-on here.

To pull up the Add-on go to Add-ons > ProsperWorks CRM Custom Report Builder > Import data.

A menu bar will appear on the right side of the Google Sheet.  Select the ProsperWorks company you wish to import data from.  Select Start new Import.  Now you can choose which Record, Pipeline (if you select Opportunities), and Filter.  Once you have made your selection click Import data.

Your selected data from ProsperWorks is now being imported into a new sheet which will be named “Filter - Record (Pipeline for Opportunities).  In order to refresh this data click on the “refresh icon” to the right of the data information in the ProsperWorks right side menu.  You can import multiple sets of data on separate sheets by clicking “Start new Import”.

Next: Create your own “Company Performance Dashboard” by starting with our Free Google Sheets template: Click here


If you have more questions about using ProsperWorks, check out our helpful Resource Section!

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    Pierre-Yves Platini

    oh great !
    Now I have to learn Google spreasheet query language.
    But since "The query syntax used in the Query() function is very similar to SQL.", it sould be pretty easy. Thanks for saving me so much time.
    Is there any chance you release report templates directly in prosperworks which could be exported ?

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