What is a primary contact?

A primary contact is the main contact for a company or opportunity.


How to update an opportunity primary contact.

To select or edit a primary contact for an opportunity, go to the primary contact field in the  opportunity detail section, search for the name of the new primary contact or create a new contact.


Once you've updated the primary contact, the related section of the opportunity will automatically reflect the change.




How to update a company primary contact.

At this time, the only way to make a primary contact for a company is to make it the contact that is the top of the related tab. Below we will go over steps to make a contact the primary contact for a company.


Here, Harry is the primary contact.



If you wanted to make Janice the primary contact for a company, you would have to remove Harry by clicking "x" 

 Click Remove


Now Janice is the primary contact


And then you can re-add Harry by clicking the "+" sign to the right of Janice



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