My sent emails are not appearing in ProsperWorks

If your sent emails are not appearing in ProsperWorks, it could be due to several things. Please confirm the following:


1: The Chrome Profile User is the same Gmail account and your ProsperWorks account.

2: The ProsperWorks Chrome Extension is loaded in the chrome browser and is logged using the same Gmail account as ProsperWorks.


This should enable the emails to be synced normally.


But Wait: I now have emails that are not in ProsperWorks. This can be solved by triggering the sync with a change to the email address. ProsperWorks syncs the emails whenever a new email address is discovered. To resync previous emails, do the following:

1. Fins the contact in ProsperWorks.

2. Change their email address, eg: Add a + before the first letter or Remove the last letter of their email and press Enter to update (for example ⇨

3. Now change it backto the original email address

4. Refresh 


This should now trigger a refresh of the email sync. Please Note: This may not work in all situations.

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    Thomas Kirven

    Will this workaround only work for that contact? My user profiles and chrome extensions were correct yet sent emails are not appearing in ProsperWorks. Using the workaround solution would be acceptable for a one-off situation but I'd now need to back through a lot of emails. Plus, this integration is supposed to work without the workaround :)


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