How do I use teams & visibility permissions?

There are two ways to set visibility in ProsperWorks

1. Changing individual records

2. Using our Team and Visibility feature (not available for the Basic plan)


Changing individual records

Administrators and account owners can change visibility on records by scrolling down on the left side and clicking the drop down for visibility



You can also bulk edit visibility by selecting what records to change and clicking the pen icon



Choosing your visibility setting and clicking "Update"




Using our Team and Visibility feature


The Team Permissions feature allows System Admins and Team Managers to control what records are visible to whom within ProsperWorks. This feature is turned off by default and can be activated in Teams Visibility & Permissions section under System Settings.

Teams & Visibility Permissions without Team Permissions Activated 

Team Managers have the ability to create, add, modify or remove team members. 

When a new user is invited into ProsperWorks, the Team Manager can place the user into an appropriate team.

 To add or delete a team member, navigate to Company User section and select “x” or “add” icon to remove team members individually.  

 When adding a new record to ProsperWorks, you have the option to make the record visible to “Record Owner Only”.


Teams & Visibility Permissions with Team Permissions Activated

When Team Permissions are activated, System Admins and Team Managers will be able to choose what entity and report types Team Members have access to. Additionally, they will be able to control the specific sections Team Members can see. For entities, visibility can be controlled based on the owner of each record. For reports, visibility can be granted to all users, specific teams, or limited to individuals. 

To edit Team Settings, select the View button from the Team Visibility & Permissions page, and navigate to Access & Visibility tab.

 Access and Visibility to Entities and Reports for members of a team can be edited by clicking the slide icon in the Access column. Then, the Visibility rule can be set for this record type in the Members of this team can see column.

 Team Managers can control what entities and records can be seen and accessed by members of each team.

What Happens to Users Who Don't Belong to a Team?

All users who don’t belong to a team will have access to all sections of the application, but will only be able to view their own records owned by themselves.

Creating New Records

When creating new records, the Visibility field will show the number of users and teams that can view the record. Clicking on (preview) will allow you to see what users and teams can see those records.

When a new record is added to ProsperWorks, Team Managers can  set visibility a user can choose to override the default team visibility settings.

Creating a new pipeline will now show Pipeline Access which will allow admins to select visibility for All Teams or for only Selected Teams.  Once a Pipeline is created, an admin or Team Manager can click the pencil icon to edit the teams with visibility by clicking on the "x" icon by the team they wish to remove.

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