How to use my Leads & Sales Dashboard Reports

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The Leads & Sales Dashboards were built to give you better insights on where to focus your time and maximize sales output. Individual team members can track their own progress, team managers can see the progress of their team, and executives can get a company view of overall performance.


Let's start by exploring the Lead Dashboard.


First, you can see Company Dashboard, and Kira Lenke. This means that you will be able to see both the dashboard on an individual view and company view. The company dashboard can be turned on or off on a team by team basis. This means that these dashboards will be most effective if you set up teams first.


How am I supposed to use the Leads Dashboard?

The Leads dashboard illustrates how team members are tracking towards lead conversion goals. This tab will help you easily evaluate which lead sources are converting best and how leads are being distributed without the hassle of pulling reports. You can see conversion rates by lead source, lead status, interaction count and even compare to results to previous weeks, months or quarters.





What type of information can I get from my leads dashboard?

  • See how your lead conversions are tracking compared to previous time periods, sales rep, lead source, lead status, and interaction count
  • Compare yourself to the team average and top performer
  • See the flow of leads through statuses
  • Compare which sources are converted at the highest rate
  • See a breakdown of leads by source

Sales Dashboard

How am I supposed to use the Sales Dashboard?

Think of the Sales Insights dashboard like a scorecard that tells you how your team and individual reps are tracking toward their goals. You can quickly check on the health of your pipeline, see conversion rates, win rates, and average sales cycles. Knowing which activities drive daily goals will help your reps know where to focus their time and energy. For sales managers, this increased visibility into the pipeline will allow you to coach your reps to success with data, not with gut feeling.


What type of information can I get from my sales dashboard?

  • See how your forecast and current sales are trending compared to previous time periods
  • Easily compare yourself to the team average and top performer
  • See your pipeline by stage so you can identify bottlenecks or load balance
  • See your sales history by average deal size, average sales per time period (week, month, or year)


Who has access to these dashboards?

There are different visibility privileges for the dashboards. Here’s who can see what:

  • Admins: Can view everyone.
  • Team managers: Can view themselves and all members of their team(s).
  • Team members: Can only view their own dashboards.



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