I would like to cancel my subscription

**Only paid accounts need to submit a request to cancel. Trial accounts do not need to submit a request as trial accounts automatically cancel.


Oh No!. We never want to hear that you are considering cancelling your account with ProsperWorks? Please let us know where we failed and give us a chance to better meet your needs.


However, if you still desire to cancel your subscription, we have a very convenient method for requesting. Please visit this link to submit your request.


 Note: The account owner must make the request with the email associated with their user. 

Click this link to Request Cancellation


You can also get to this form by clicking through to the support page from within ProsperWorks. 

  1. Login to ProsperWorks
  2. Select the Menu Icon (located on the upper left side of the page) and select SUPPORT towards the bottom of the menu.
  3. Select Submit a Request.
  4. Select Cancellation Request from the menu.


*ProsperWorks is on a mission to transform CRM and as we grow as a company, we need your feedback.  Please provide details about why you chose not to continue with ProsperWorks and what your three biggest needs are in a CRM solution.

Your request will be recorded upon submission of the Cancellation Request. We will follow-up with an email upon confirmation of the cancellation and billing adjustments. 

To review the Terms of Service regarding account cancelations, click here


If you have more questions about using ProsperWorks, check out our helpful Resource Section!

For further help or comments, head over to our Community Section!

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