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One of the most important aspects of managing a high-performing Sales team is establishing and tracking your team towards clear measurable performance goals. With the release of the new Goals Dashboard, ProsperWorks can help your team be effective in meeting their aggressive goal targets. This article gives you step by step instructions on how to configuring individual goals for your team.

Introduction to Goals Reporting

Managers can set target goals for their team and track them in the ProsperWorks Dashboard. 
Goals can be set for:

  • Sales revenue Goals - The value of opportunities marked status: won in a given time period.
  • Won Opportunities Goals - The number of opportunities marked status: won in a given time period.
  • Activity Goals - The number of activities completed in a given time period. 
  • Lead conversion Goals - The number of leads converted in a given time period.
    Note: Lead Management must be enabled first.

Users and Managers can view their goals by browsing to the Goals tab on the ProsperWorks Dashboard. To browse another user's goals (if you have permissions) click on your name in the top-nav to display a drop down menu.


    Note: Goals Dashboard requires Admin or Team Admin permission to configure.


How to configure goals

Begin by navigating to the settings menu in ProsperWorks.

1. Navigate to System Settings under the menu and select Goals. 

2. On the top level navigation, select the specific goal category you want to configure:

LEAD CONVERSIONS (only visible if Lead Management is enabled)

3. Select the time period for your goals. Goals can be set on a weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly basis. 

Note: Each period must be entered individually.

4. Click Add Users and select the specific user(s) or teams whose goal you want to set.

5. Enter the goals under the individual date ranges. Note: Each period must be added individually.


6. Repeat this process for each Goal Category you want to configure and for each user or team member.



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