How do I change my email or delete a user?

Note: Account owners and single accounts-- please submit a request for a separate process


ProsperWorks allows you to change your email (or swap out a user) with a couple simple steps. This article will walk you through on how to reassign relationships to a new email or user.


When deleting a user, none of the records, emails, or activities that belonged to them will be deleted. All the information that belonged to them will stay.


However, the records and activities that were assigned to them will become unassigned, and owned by no one.  For records, you must tag them as mentioned below in order to filter the old relationships.


Note: Before deleting yourself or a user, please have the user delete any public and/or private filters he/she created. After the user is deleted, it is impossible to delete filters on their behalf. Here is an image of filters, if you do not know what filters are referring to:






1. Tag all records and entities (Companies, People, Opportunities, etc.) belonging to the old email or old user:

a. filter by Owner

b. click pen icon to edit

c. Add a tag called "new person" or something and click Update

2. Before deleting the user/email, have the user delete any filters they have created. Otherwise, the filters will stay in your system forever.

3. Go to System Settings --> Company Users

4. Delete the old email/user

5. Invite the new email/user

6. Reassign everything that was tagged to the new email

7. Go to System Settings --> Billing and make sure the seat count is correct


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