What are Leads?

Note: Only system admins can unlock the Leads Feature

ProsperWorks makes it simple for admins to unlock and use Leads. This article will walk you through enabling Lead Management are and incorporating this feature into your workflow.



A Lead is a person or a company you are not sure you want to do business with, like contacts generated from a raffle. It's a list that needs a little cleaning before getting added to your typical sales or marketing flow.

Leads can be generated by Marketing as a result of the campaigns they run, like advertising, events, blogging etc. and then passed over to Sales to follow up and close. In ProsperWorks, we keep leads separate to your regular contacts, in order to help keep your database clean and well organized.

This is particularly important if you have a lot of leads, for example if you purchase a list of 1,000 people to call, it's better to have a separate home for them, away from your regular business contacts.

Lead Conversion

Once you confirm that a Lead is ready to formally evaluate your product or service, they are often referred to as being "qualified" and you should enter them into your sales pipeline in order to track the deal.

On converting a Lead, you will be prompted to create a new Company, Person and Opportunity, and the information in the Lead will be split up and added to these new records as appropriate. Any emails, activities, notes or tasks will be preserved and added to the new records too.

You can convert a Lead by click on the Convert Lead button from the preview pane of the Lead in the list view as well as from the details page of the Lead:



When Should I Start Using Leads?

Some examples of when to consider using Leads are as follows:

You want to set up a Web to Lead form to capture website enquires and add them straight into ProsperWorks
You acquired a list of unqualified contact data you would like to import
You ran an event and want to import the list of attendees to follow up with

How to Enable Leads

If you are an administrator, you can easily turn Leads on, or off for your company.

1 - Click on the ProsperWorks Menu in the top left corner
2 - Click on Leads
3 - This will bring you to the Leads Management page in System Settings, click the checkbox next to Enable Leads to be used in ProsperWorks

We recommend you watch the introductory video to Leads that will automatically pop up. If you wish to skip the video, click the "Start Using Leads" button below the video.



Custom Lead Status

You can add a custom lead status in two ways:

1. By going into the lead view, clicking on status and scrolling down to Customize Lead Statuses

2. By going to System Settings --> Lead Management and clicking the blue Add New Status button at the bottom


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