How do I prepare a file for import?

This article will show you:

  • How to upload your file into Google sheets to edit using Google commands
  • Google sheets commands
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How do I upload a file into Google Sheets?

1. Open up Google Drive

2. Click on New and select Google Sheets

3. In your new sheet, click File > Import...


4. Click Select a file from your computer and upload your spreadsheet into the Google sheet


What are some ways I can edit my file in Google sheets?

-How do I split columns?

1. Move the tag column to the far right side of your spreadsheet because splitting it will overwrite other columns

2. Select Data --> Split text to columns (pick your Separator)


-How do I remove commas?

Select column -> Edit -> Find and Replace -> ","


-How do I remove columns?

Right click on the column --> Delete column


-What if my headers are not labeled?

Make sure your headers are labeled as shown in the spreadsheet images of this doc


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