How Does Search Work?

ProsperWorks Global Search makes it easy to quickly search across Companies, People, Opportunities, Projects, Tasks, Leads, and Custom Fields from one spot.

This article will help you understand how search works and what you can and cannot search for.


How Search works:

Global search is available at the top of the ProsperWorks web app across all views.  

Search will show suggested results as you type and allow you to expand and see all results.  Suggested results will be grouped by entity type (Companies, People, Opportunities, Projects, Tasks, Leads) and will display 5 of each entity type.

You can view "all results" by clicking Enter on your keyboard, or by clicking the first result, which says "view all results".

Additionally, you can add the entity type to your search terms to narrow your results.  For example, if you are searching for a Company called Acme Inc, searching "Acme Inc company" will display Company results that match "Acme Inc".

You are able to search for specific field values across any entity, except for the following:

  • Visibility
  • Date Fields
  • Priority
  • Custom Checkboxes
  • Currency Custom Fields
  • Percentage Custom Fields
  • Numerical Custom Fields
  • Opportunity Status (will be released soon)
  • Lead Status (will be released soon)
  • Contact Type (will be released soon)
  • Activity notes (will be released soon)

Searching within the Chrome Gmail Extension will provide grouped result suggestions, however if you view "all results", the full list will be opened automatically within the web app.


How to search for an entity:  

1.  Start by clicking inside of the search bar located at the top of the screen


2.  Start to enter your search term.  You will notice that results automatically start to populate below the search bar and are grouped by entity.  Search will also bring the most relevant results up first.  



3.  If you see the result you are searching for, simply click on it to view it!


4.  If you don't see the result you are searching for or you want to see all results you can either hit the Enter key on your keyboard, or click on the "See All Results" link right below the search bar.  Additionally, you can narrow your search by typing in the entity type in the search bar (ex. "company: Acme Inc").


5.  If you are viewing "All Results" you can filter by entity type to narrow down your search.


6. You can pre-filter your search by typing the entity type, followed by a column and the search term. For example, you can search for People: John, and only records for people with the name John will appear. 


Filtering Vs. Search in Prosperworks


If you have more questions about using ProsperWorks, check out our helpful Resource Section!

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