How do I look for duplicates?

Sometimes you might have duplicates in your system and not even know it! At the moment, ProsperWorks does not have a way to search for duplicates in the system, but here is a nifty tool to search for them.

Download the free add-on called "Remove Duplicates" from AbleBits.

Steps to install:

1. import your data to a Google sheet using the Google sheets add on

2. Open up the spreadsheet of Google contacts you exported and check for duplicates by downloading an Add-on called "Remove Duplicates" from AbleBits. Follow the screenshots for instructions.

3. Click to download "Remove Duplicates."

4. After it has been added, highlight the row you want to find duplicates and go to the drop down menu and select "Remove Duplicates." Follow the Steps to have it find your duplicates.

5. Now you know what duplicates you have. To check for duplicates that have slightly different spelling, we recommend sorting your spreadsheet alphabetically and scrolling through.


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