How Can I Convert People to Leads?

ProsperWorks does not have the functionality to convert People back to Leads unfortunately, but in this article we will go over a few workflows if this is necessary for you.  If you would like to request this feature, please submit a feature request here and emphasize why this is important to your work flow.


The first workflow suggestion is to export your People Records and import them back as Leads, then deleting the old records. The second suggestion is to choose to use People instead of Leads and creating a custom dropdown to know the difference.



Suggestion 1:

1.  Make selections of your People Records via the checkbox on the left side

2.  Select the more icon and export data


3. Open up the file

4. Delete the URL and ID columns on the far right, and any users you do not want as Leads

5.  If there are any custom fields on your People records that do not yet exist on your Lead records that you want to save, make sure to check to add them to leads by going to  System Settings ⇨ Custom Fields

6. Once the file is ready, go to System Settings ⇨ Import Data ⇨ Import Leads and import the exported file.

7. Export your notes for your people records here (this step requires an API key which does not come with the basic plan, but comes with all other plans):

8. Then, go into your "People" records and manually delete one by one the People you added as Leads. Warning: you will lose all activity data for your records unless you export the activities as in step 7.


Suggestion 2:

If this is a feature you cannot wait for, you can consider making a custom dropdown for People called "Leads" and "People" and use your People category for both Leads and People. 


Then you will have to go through all your People and make sure they are correctly assigned to Lead or People. One of the bonuses of using People for Leads is you can track your Leads in Opportunities through a pipeline and easily assign them back to Leads. I would also add a prefix for Leads, to separate them from People who might already be associated with the same company.

Then you can filter by what People are Leads




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