How do I use automated actions?

Automated Actions are available for Professional and Business Plans only

Automated Actions (AAs) are a great way to set reminders for your team to ensure best practices are used along your sales process.
*When using AAs for Opportunities, you should be aware that following triggers do not differentiate between pipelines.  This means it will trigger in every pipeline you have set up:
Is created
Status is changed to
Is assigned to
Status is Open and Days in Stage is more than
Status is Open and Inactive Days is more than
Status is Open and Close Date is within
Automated Actions that apply to all Pipelines
Let's say you want to identify when your Opportunities become inactive.
Here is an example of setting up your AAs for all Pipelines to identify when this is the case:
Name of Automated Action:  Inactive Opportunity
Entity:  Opportunity
Trigger:  Status is Open and Days in Stage is more than 7 days
Task Name:  Follow-up with Inactive Opportunity
Due Date:  1 day later at 8am
Reminder:  2 days later at 8am
Owner:  Opportunity Owner
Tag:  Inactive Opportunity
Automated Actions for Specific Pipelines or Stages
There are also AAs that can be use when Opportunities are changed to a specific Stage or Pipeline. 
These AAs will only fire for Opportunities that are already created.  This means that if an Opportunity is created in the Sales Pipeline, and you have an AA that triggers when the Pipeline is changed to Sales, it will not fire.
Here is an example of an AA that trigger when an Opportunity is moved into the "Demo Cancelled" stage.
Name:  Demo Canceled
Entity:  Opportunity
Trigger:  Stage is change to Demo Cancelled
Task Name:  Reschedule Demo
Due Date:  1 day later at 8am
Reminder:  2 days later at 8am
Owner:  Opportunity Owner
Tag:  Demo Canceled
Automated Actions and Tags
You may notice that all of our AAs include a Tag on the task.  This allows our team to filter tasks to identify how many of these AAs are firing and specifically identify which users they are firing for the most.  If one of our reps have twice as many Inactive Opportunity Tasks as the rest it may be time to address in the next 1-on-1.
We hope this helps provide insight into how you can best utilize AAs in your Pipelines!  If you have any questions please submit a request to our support team through this form.
The Customer Success Team
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