How do I export my data from another service?

ProsperWorks makes it easy to export your data from another service. Here are steps to follow.


1. Export your files

Most programs let you export your contacts as a CSV file. For instructions on how to export your data from a specific solution, click one of the links below.  You'll be taken to a support article on how to export your Contacts as a CSV file from the system. Don't see your program in this list? Send us an email and we'll help you find out how to export your contacts from your current solution.



Capsule CRM




Nutshell CRM

Sugar CRM

Zoho CRM

Base CRM


2. Format the file

A. Once you have exported your data from another service, open up the files and delete columns you will not need anymore like, IDs and timestamps.

B. Split your data into our Categories: Companies, People, Opportunities and Leads. Not sure what this means? Go to the link in step 3 and look at the examples of spreadsheets.

C. Need help formatting your file? Click here for some helpful editing commands.

3. Import the file

Now that your files are edited. Please follow the instructions in this link to import:

4. Did the import not work?

If your import did not work, it might be easier to cut and paste into our templates.

To get the templates, go to System Settings --> Import Data --> click a category to import--> and go to the link shown below


5. Have more questions?

Click "Submit a request" here


If you have more questions about using ProsperWorks, check out our helpful Resource Section!

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